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Our impact

The school currently serves over 300 children as of the end of term 2from Nursery to Primary Seven in Kibubu Nakasenyi Lwebitakuli Sembabule District . At community level, if every kid at our school is a representative of five community members in terms of impact, it implies that over 2900 lives have indirectly benefited from having a school in their reach. We have helped parents and/or the school community members plant over 40 acres of eucalyptus trees and about 10 acres for our school. This serves as a long term source of income and a remedy to climate change .


Other achievements include:

  1. Retention is at 95% for all pupils who enroll at our school.

  2. Created over 20 direct job for the Youth from School Community & over 50 indirect ones.

  3. Established 12 permanent classrooms for a better conducive teaching learning processes.

But we do not stop there!

Out Five-year strategic Plan (2024-2029)

for more Educational Facitilites

1. Access to drinking water from water containers

2. Library with resource and books for both kids and teachers

3. Well equipped boarding sections with beds and cabinets

4. Electricity to enable our classrooms and dormitories

5. Computer lab with desktop computers

6. Internet access to connect kids to the digital world


Access to drinking water from water containers

Currently our children during lunch break go to the nearest dam to collect the water into plastic containers and carry it for roughly 10 minuts back to school to secure drinking and cooking water for their lunch. 

We would like to supply our school with additional water containers.

See our blog post here


Library with with resources and books for both children and teachers 

Majority of the children do not have access to education materials and they do not own a single book. We would like to change that by providing resources and materials both to our children and teachers to improve their success

Read more in our blog post here


Well equipped boarding section with beds and cabinets

Children in Uganda often have to walk many kilometers to school. We have interim 2 boarding sections hosting currently 15 girls and 6 boys. Recently we have equipped room with beds and soon we will provide with cabinetes for personal belongings of the students. 

See in our our blog recent progress here



Electricity in our village in a real challenge but it is basis to provide several improvements and to enable us with desktop computers in the lab. 

We are raising money for interim solution - generator - to upgrade with permanent electricity source in the next 2-3 years


Computer lab with desktop computers

For students especially from rural areas it is critical to learn about and connect to digital worlds. We have equipped our newly build computer lab with desktop computers thanks to our donors. We are currently blocked to enable a class room to our students due to lack of electricity power. Once electricity is solved we plan to first teach our children how to use the computer and utilize it during studies. 

As a second step we will connect it to the Internet.  


Internet Access 

Internet connection will play a vital role in our school. Student will gain immediate access to the information available on www helping them in acquiring necessary knowledge to success in the future as well will help with limited access to other materials.

Our Partners and Sponsors

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