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Creating Library in our school

Updated: Feb 26

Since 2021, Uganda's literacy rate has been steadily on the rise, marking a remarkable 2.47% increase from 2018, reaching 79.00%.

60% of primary schools in Uganda still lack a proper library, leaving countless students without access to essential reading materials. See more here

Less than half of children are literate at the end of primary school. In secondary school, only 15 per cent of students are proficient in biology, 43 per cent in English and 47 per cent in maths. The school environment also plays a part in children's motivation to stay in school and learn. See more here.

Teachers and students in primary schools especially in rural areas have to write down everything each time when teaching and learning. Teachers are putting everything on a board and students have to write in the notebook. See a photo from our school's classroom

We are thriving to provide for our students best opportunities so we decided to provide with first library and books

See also other sources why library is important here

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