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Who We Are

Our History and the Team

In 2016, Augustus Kagyene, in order to see his vision of establishing a primary school to serve the rural kids of the peasantry parent  come to maturity, a piece of land  was bought (1 acre) from personal savings. In the same year a five classroom block was set and by Jan 2017 a school with incomplete but habitable structure began its operation with about 150 kids from nursery to Primary 3. We currently serve over 500 kids  from nursery to primary  Section school.


All that Kids enjoy today, our heritage and modern facilities, our academic success and our innovative teaching methods and/or programs was made possible thanks to individuals and organizations in our operations who believed in our School and contributed towards ensuring its future is stable.

Augustus Kagyene.png
Augustus Kagyene.png

Augustus Kagyne

Director of the school/Founder

2017 - now

Augustus Kagyene is a founding Member and school Director since 2017. He is an Economics, Primary Teacher graduate with over 5 years of classroom experience but above all a social entrepreneur. He is passionate about serving Children & Youth at risk through Inclusive Education while ensuring their well-being to exploit their full potential and become better citizens.


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Odeke Charles Benards

Director Of Studies

Odeke Charles Benards is Director Of Studies & oversees all academic work done by all teachers. He holds a Diploma in Primary Education Majoring in Maths and Science. He is a team player and has been at our school Since 2019. He loves playing football in his free time.

Odeke Charles.png
Brian Ssettuba .png

Brian Ssettuba

Primary Teacher and a Child Protection Officer

He joined in 2020 as a fresh graduate with a passion for grooming Children. He teaches  English and Social Studies in Primary five and Six. He also engages pupils in extracurricular activities.

Nasasira Gift

ECD teacher

Nasasira Gift is an ECD teacher with over three years of experience in handling toddlers, she has been at our school since 2019 Currently, she is pursuing a Diploma in ECD to enhance her skill set in service delivery. She enjoys netball in her free time.

Nasasira Gift .png

Nyanjura Aidah

Nursery Teacher

Nyanjura Aidah is a nursery Teacher & is passionate about climate change and mitigation measures, she has championed Organic Vegetable & Fruit farming at our school. She joined our school in 2019. We are proud to have her on our team. She supported in establishment of a fruit and vegetable garden at our school.

Nyanjura Aidah
Nimushaba Ritah.png

Nimushaba Ritah

Primary Teacher

Nimushaba Ritah is a Primary teacher handling English & Maths. She also acts as our senior woman to handle all challenges that may arise for a girl child at our school. She joined our school in 2020. Ritah loves listening to gospel music in her free time.

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