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New Beds in our Dormitories

Updated: Feb 26

Many children in rural areas have to walk around 10 km to reach the school. Often they miss on the school days due to the long walk and chores at home. We aim to provide housing opportunities for our students so they can focus on education without crossing long distances to school in different seasons.

Until recently our dormitories were not equipped in beds creating lack of space for our students and packed feeling in the forms

We are proudly announcing that we have improved our dormitories with set of bunk beds where each child has is own space and comfortable enviroment to rest at night with additional space between beds for study and play time.

We have ordered recently 16 beds at the local carpenter and within 2 days we installed beds for all of our children

We will keep on improving our dorm rooms with cabinets and hangers to create a space for more kids and their belongings.

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We're Proudly happy for having you visited our school. Forever grateful for your kindness & al the support extended to our school. May God's blessings follow you always.

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