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International Day of Education.

Join us in celebrating International Day of Education! At Curtin Child Learning Center (CLICCS) we believe that education and skills are paramount for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Through our school based programs and curricula delivered through digital content, we empower rural youth with the awareness, values, attitudes, and skills necessary to build peace and catalyse change within their communities.

Learn How Education Can Catalyze Lasting Peace

This year's theme, 'Learning for Lasting Peace,' acknowledges the role of education in preparing learners to become active and responsible citizens in their own communities, countries and the world.

Learning for peace must be transformative, and help empower learners with the necessary knowledge, values, attitudes and skills and behaviours to become agents of peace in their communities basing on UNESCO guide lines.

Please, support our cause to double our impact.

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